Technological Implementation

Technological Implementation

Choosing appropriate technology and maintaining existing technology can be a challenge (and a full-time job) for anyone in a firm or business.  We are here to help you by offering a variety of services to help you solve your technological problems.  Our job is to make your life easier by taking on the task of auditing your technology, researching new and better technologies, and creating easy to understand and actionable takeaways for your firm or business.


Audits are designed to help you locate problem areas; including, but not limited to, technological design issues, workflow bottlenecks, and infrastructure problems.   The audits can be broad (“Can you tell us where we have workflow/technology gaps and problems?”) or specific (“You will you please audit our database use, and tell us where we can do better?”).

How it works

Often we can perform thorough audits remotely, but sometimes it is necessary to be on-site.  We will always discuss that beforehand.  Audits include the following:

  • Interviewing a group of attorneys, IT personnel, and staff
  • Accessing machines in order to review technology and usage
  • Running reports (either stock reports or custom-built reports)

All of this information is confidential and is never shared with anyone other than your firm.

We then present the firm with an audit report.  This report includes clearly outlined processes, problems, and other issues.  Our audit reports also include solutions to any problems that we highlight.  You can hire Odom Ackerman Consluting to implement those solutions, or implement them yourself.  The solutions are yours.


Choosing new technology can be overwhelming.  Odom Ackerman Consulting allows you to hand off the research to someone else.  Our process includes:

  • Learning about your firm’s unique needs
  • Listening to what your firm wants
  • Understanding the problems the firm is trying to solve by adopting new technology
  • Researching existing technology on the market in order to find the best fit
  • Drafting a memo that outlines all the options for the firm.  This includes positives, negatives, and pricing specific to your firm

After we provide the memo, you can hire us to implement the new technology, or work directly with the software company to implement.  If you choose to hire OAC to install and implement a new database, for instance, we will establish a schedule for date completion with milestones, and work with your IT team and the tech company’s installation team to make the transition as seamless as possible for you and your staff.

Our job is to make your life easier.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about how Odom Ackerman Consulting can help you solve your technology problems, please feel free to contact us.  You can also fill out the form below.

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