Digital Strategy

Learn more about how we create a digital strategy.

Learn more about how we create a digital strategy.

Developing an effective digital strategy requires examination of each facet of an organization’s sales and marketing process. Odom Ackerman Consulting makes recommendations based on analysis of hard data, insights, sales results, and customer satisfaction metrics (retention). Our job is to understand your business and work with you to reach defined goals within the disciplines of social strategy, web strategy, search rank, and sales conversions. 


Website analytics, social media analytics, PPC campaign performance, and data analytics all factor into our analytics reports for each client . We will help you leverage your data into actionable goals based on our findings.


Before any actions are carried out, Odom Ackerman Consulting develops a comprehensive strategy that outlines all facets of your digital marketing strategy. We will tell you which platforms to be most active on, where the sweet spot is in your AdWords campaign, and outline content strategy designed to increase web traffic and page rank.


We will guide you through the steps to carry out your plan with actionable tasks, social listening, web and social reporting, and content editing. Our clients see results due to our diligence in executing each step in the process, adjusting factors as new data becomes available.

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