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Generation Why: Love the Infiltration

I could try to articulate to you the number of times I’ve gotten in trouble for asking the question “Why?” but it’s not necessary. It was a lot. A lot.  I never intend my questions to be rude or disrespectful, but I can see how it could come off that way.  The question “why” can seem like a criticism of a person, a procedure, or a policy. Continue reading

Feeling Good Means Working Good

Like most people, I would imagine, I really hate going to the doctor.  I wait until the pain is so bad or the problem is so disruptive that I simply have no choice than to make an appointment (and inevitably be annoyed by the fact that I have to wait a day or two: “I’m sick! Can’t you tell?!?!”), sit in a waiting room for who knows how long, have a nurse poke at me and ask personal questions, and then have a doctor do the exact same thing.  That’s not even the end! Then I have to mosey down to the pharmacy in the middle of my day and wait for what has been prescribed to me to fix that pain/illness/whatever that I’ve let get too bad. Continue reading

Teaching People Things About Things People Want to Learn

Warning: Shameless Self-Promotion

I’m teaching a webinar on November 29, 2011: The Paralegal’s Guide to Effectively Using Technology in the Law Firm.

What I’ll be talking about:

  • Maximizing the Technology That Already Exists Inside the Law Firm
  • Evaluating New and Existing Technologies to Determine What Best Fits Your Needs
  • iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Web Based Software, and the Changing Face of the Law Firm in Regards to Technology

Continue reading

Wherein We Shield Attorneys from Having to Learn New Things

Option 1:

Atty: Acknowledged technical problem; fumbled with technology to try to correct error; became frustrated and yelled at computer screen; gave up. 0.5 $300.00 $150.00
Atty: Called paralegal and explained issue 0.3 $300.00 $90.00
Para: Listened to attorney’s problem 0.3 $100.00 $30.00
Para: Researched problem 0.4 $100.00 $40.00
Para: Drafted email with step-by-step instructions and included pictures for easy reference 0.5 $100.00 $50.00
Atty: Reviewed and followed step-by-step instructions 0.3 $300.00 $90.00
Para: Checked in with attorney to confirm that problem was solved; discussed the cause of the initial problem 0.4 $100.00 $40.00
Atty: Discussed with paralegal the cause of the initial problem; asked paralegal to look into an easier way to solve the problem 0.4 $300.00 $120.00
Para: Contacted software vendor regarding cause of initial problem; no real resolution; drafted report to attorney 0.5 $100.00 $50.00
3.6 $660.00

Option 2:

Atty: Attended 1-hour training on new software program and listened 1 $300.00 $300.00
Para: Attended 1-hour training on new software program and listened 1 $100.00 $100.00
2 $400.00


You decide.

I’m the Child of a Law Enforcement Officer

Growing up the child of a peace officer is a unique experience.  When your dad’s job is to determine when people are lying and to serve them up a dose of justice, you don’t get away with a lot. (As a very young child, I learned the difference between saying “I lied” and “I’m just pickin’.” Semantics are important, people.)

Having a law enforcement officer as a dad can also give you a fantastic gift: the love of justice.  Continue reading

The Modern Age

Several weeks ago, I sat in a CLE where a judge made a joke about bloggers being journalists, and about 200 attorneys snickered. Yes, how could bloggers possibly think that they are journalists!?  Perhaps the attorneys simply laughed because it was a judge making the joke, but I doubt it.

Journalists can blog, and not all bloggers are journalists.  Continue reading

Haley Lobs Law Bomb is Getting a Redesign

As you can see, Haley Lobs Law Bomb is going through some changes. After moving to, I realized that the blog really needed some upgrading/updating, and what time is better than right now?

Thank you for being patient while I figure out what I’m doing. If you have any ideas or changes you’d like to see, please let me know.

And if I haven’t said it before, let me say it now, thank you so much for reading. It means a lot to me.