30+ New Social Media Tools for the Social-Tech Savvy | The American Genius

My amazing friends at The American Genius curated a list of more than 30 new social media tools for the social-tech savvy (and not so savvy).  For those law firms looking to enter the social space or to up their game in the social sphere, here are a few of my favorite suggested apps, services, and software taken from The American Genius’s list.

Content Curation

Aggregage – curation news tool
Contentgems.com – content marketing news feed
Meltwater – monitoring

Social Media Management

CoSchedule – social media editorial calendar for WordPress
Hashatit –  hashtag search
ManageFlitter – twitter management
Buzzsumo – find influencers
Sprout Social – social media management software
Buffer – social media management software

Metrics & Measurement

Demographics Pro –  audience demographics
Chartbeat – real-time web traffic analysis

Please check out the comprehensive list on their site.  You should also go ahead and have your marketing manager subscribe to their blog.  Their knowledge of social media marketing, and marketing in general, is phenomenal. You can thank me later.

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