Hey, Paralegals: This is Just for You

Many of my posts are written for paralegals and attorneys – I think. This one is just for you, Paralegals.

In fact, this post is more of a solicitation for your input.  Here’s my question: What do you wish other paralegals knew?

I’ve written posts on what paralegals wish attorneys knew and vice versa. Now I want to know what you, Paralegals, want other paralegals to know.

This is my list:

1.  Share information. Let us help each other be better. We’re all working toward a common goal.

2.  Let us be consistent.

3.  Our work waxes and wanes throughout a year. Be willing to help each other.

4.  Ask questions. Ask any question you want.  As Ray Bradbury said, “If you hide your ignorance, no one will hit you, and you’ll never learn.”  Ask someone to hit you (in the best way possible).  We are all continuously learning, you will have ample opportunity to hit others in kind.

Now, what are your thoughts?  I’m dying to know.

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