I’m the Child of a Law Enforcement Officer

Growing up the child of a peace officer is a unique experience.  When your dad’s job is to determine when people are lying and to serve them up a dose of justice, you don’t get away with a lot. (As a very young child, I learned the difference between saying “I lied” and “I’m just pickin’.” Semantics are important, people.)

Having a law enforcement officer as a dad can also give you a fantastic gift: the love of justice.  Perhaps watching him enforce the law is why I work in the legal industry now.  My dad instilled in me the need for the justice system when instituted correctly.  I will forever be thankful for his guidance, confidence, and sense of duty.

Not only did I get my love of the justice system from my father, I got his work ethic, personality, attitude, straight forward and no-nonsense manner, and a surly mouth. All of those things ingratiate me to him forever.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Dad & Me

Oh. Dad, I think you’re going to like your present!

1 thought on “I’m the Child of a Law Enforcement Officer

  1. Mike

    Cool post. My father also had a role in government which has lead me towards certain career choices. :) hope your Sunday is awesome


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