Blogathon & The Power of Finding a Group

Today is Blogathon.  It’s full of PR and marketing folk talking about the power of blogs/twitter/social media for growing your business.  I am a paralegal. None of that PR/marketing stuff applies to me.  Then why am I here? And more particularly, why do I help organize?

Because working in a group increases creativity.  Working in a group makes you a more social person. Working in a group lets you relax (in the right setting).

The Blogathon crew is made up of some brilliant bloggers in all realms (not just marketing and PR).  These are some smart folks, and I want to take advantage of their knowledge.  Wordpress questions? Yep, we have some experts in WordPress.  Design problems? Yep, we’ve got people that write books on that.  Need ideas on content creation? I’ll point back to those people that were able to write books on a variety of topics.

Let those people help you.  They may not DO what you do, but they have intelligence and insight that you should tap into and manipulate to make your writing/blogging/tweeting better.

Just do it.

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