Paralegals & Social Media

A bevy of articles have been written about lawyers participating in social media, the effectiveness of law blogs, and the usefulness of twitter.  What I see missing from those articles is a frank discussion of utilizing your paralegals in your firm’s social media policy.

The best lawyer in the world won’t be great without qualified, competent staff. Why not show your potential clients, co-counsel, opposing counsel, the entire legal community that not only are you qualified, but that your staff is, too? Paralegals are highly educated, articulate individuals with superb writing skills. Utilize their expertise to add quality, diversity, and balance to your firm’s blog.

Obviously, ethics issues arise when you start talking about having other people blog on behalf of your firm, but that can be solved with education on the firm’s social media policy and monitoring of posts.  Have the paralegal submit the post for review first. Look at it, discuss what’s right and wrong about the post with them. The more you communicate about what you’re looking for, the less you’ll need to review and edit in the future.  However, don’t edit it so much that it no longer sounds like your paralegal’s voice.  The point of having your staff post is to add variety and depth.

Another great thing about letting your paralegals blog: you won’t have to blog as much. Spread the publishing deadlines around. The more people you have contributing, the smaller the individual piece.  And the more individual pieces your blog has, the more diverse you look (summons the saying: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts).

I know it’s a scary move letting someone in on the blogging action. Lawyers (and really anyone in the legal profession) are famous for wanting to maintain control.  But the payoff could be immense to your firm’s “brand” (I never thought I would use that word in a post – ever).

Do you know of any firms that allow/encourage their paralegals to blog?

5 thoughts on “Paralegals & Social Media

  1. Lynne

    My supervising attorneys are usually kind of proud of my blog – except maybe that one time a disgruntled reader left voice mail messages for all of them, starting with, “She has no contact information on her blog!” Which is funny since a dozen or so readers a week write me, using the email address posted right there on my blog :P

  2. Social Media Guru

    What a writeup!! Very informative and easy to understand. Looking for more such blog posts!! Do you have a twitter or a facebook?
    I recommended it on stumbleupon. The only thing that it’s missing is a bit of color. Anyway thank you for this blog.


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