There is such a thing as too much technology

I love new gadgets, software, hardware, anything that might be shinier and/or faster.  Some law firms are the same way, and you’d think I’d be on board with that.  I am not.  There is such a thing as too much technology.

In looking to replace your office computers, you want the fastest and best.  The problem comes when you buy computers that are just too big – you end up spending money on hardware that you will never need. You’ve wasted money.  It might sound really awesome to give every attorney a new laptop, but if they don’t utilize them, you’ve wasted money.  Buy the staff dual monitors? What if the staff doesn’t like working with that set up? You’ve wasted money. (I do think that staff would grow to love the dual monitor set up, but let them play around on it before you commit to buying it for everyone. Some people just don’t like it.)

Want the latest and greatest software? If you don’t plan on using all (or most) of the components of that software, perhaps the upgrade fee and implementation costs aren’t worth it.  Even if only a couple of people out of dozens would use them, it’s probably not advantageous to upgrade.

There’s something to be said for “making” people utilize hardware and software that will ultimately make them more productive, but at some point you have to be realistic about the expense to your office and the genuine practicality.

Buying something for the sake of it being latest and greatest should not be the standard.

2 thoughts on “There is such a thing as too much technology

  1. Gordon Rae

    I agree. Equipment is often bought according to what the IT guys think is cool or useful, and not enough attention is paid to the people you expect to use it, and how they relate to one another. Are your fee-earners going to be writing big reports, or crunching big spreadsheets? Or do they need something that fits in a pocket, to get hold of short messages quickly? It’s worth your while thinking about how you empower people to do their work, rather than the raw power that the geeks want to put in their hands.


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