1 thought on “Racking up the key strokes

  1. Reauxdom

    You make an important point regarding those characteristics that each generation holds in high esteem, things like integrity, honesty, justice, fairness, all of those components which comprise ethic. Behaviors attributed to each genereation are impacted by many social factors but those things which all generations aspire to achieve are the pursuit for happiness, puruit of goodness, seeking truths with the understanding you may have to destroy in order to build. These are honorable efforts and goals that noble and intellegent beings embrace, regardless of the time in which they are born.

    The “good old days” are today. Tomorrow brings a more interesting adventure. Yesterday was meant to provide direction to the future, assisting us in avoiding the same mistakes we made “yesterday”, and was not meant to be re-lived. I dispise those in leadership positions that choose to live in the past, pretending i was some romantic and perfect time, that people were somehow “better.” These are leaders who are simply not equipped to live in the present, much less lead in the future. As a babyboomer, I have seen many leaders who possessed this cursed attitude. I am sad to say, most are of my generation. Avoid them at all costs for with them, there is no clear direction to tomorrow.

    You see, your generation are the recipients of what babyboomers learned and what they wanted you to know, “Trust Yourself, be Independent, ask WHY!” Your knowledge is your freedom from being enslaved.


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